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CC3200 SensorTag Users Guide

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At startup the SensorTag enters access point mode for 2 minutes. When the SensorTag enters Access Point mode the red LED will blink 3 times.

After 5 minutes, the SensorTag will give a short beep and enter hibernate mode. It can be woken into access point mode again by pressing the power button

Wi-Fi ST with LCD

It is recommended to use the Display DevPack with the Wi-Fi SensorTag. The display shows important status information and technical data that is useful for debugging network settings.

Step iOS Android
Step 1: Download the SensorTag app from App Store or Google Play
App store logo.png

Step 2: Setting up the SensorTag as an Access Point

Pull the plastic tab on the batteries to power the SensorTag.
If the SensorTag has been connected to an access point before, you can reset the Wi-Fi settings by pressing both buttons for 6 seconds

First time configuration only

On your mobile phone go to the "settings" menu and connect to the SensorTag-xx access point. The -xx value is the two last digits of the SensorTag MAC address, this value is used to (quite) uniquely identify your SensorTag. Connecting the phone to the access point may take up to 30 seconds first time it connects. Note that only one device can be connected to the Wi-Fi SensorTag when it is configured as an access point. On some phone models 4G connection and 5GHz Wi-Fi must be disabled to detect the SensorTag as access point.

Wi-Fi network selection

Launch the SensorTag app, you may have to pull down the menu in the SensorTag device list to refresh the device list. The app will detect the new Wi-Fi SensorTag. If the SensorTag is programmed with an old firmware revision the app will now prompt you to upgrade the SensorTag to the latest version. Follow the steps to upgrade the SensorTag.

SensorTag Wi-Fi FW upgrade

From the Firmware upgrade screen, go back to the SensorTag device list screen.
- For iOS devices you will have to go to settings and manually connect to the SensorTag-xx access point again
- For Android devices the phone will keep the connection to the SensorTag access point. On the Android device, select "Configure new Wi-Fi SensorTag", and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the Wi-Fi settings

Android Wi-Fi Config step 1
Android Wi-Fi Config step 2

Step 3: Connecting the SensorTag to your local Wi-Fi network

New Wi-Fi SensorTag detect

A window will pop up to enter the SSID, encryption type and and password for your Wi-Fi network. After entering this information the SensorTag will reset and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Allow 30 seconds for the SensorTag to reset and connect to the Wi-FI network. When connecting to the access point the green LED on the SensorTag will blink 3 times.

You may have to pull down the menu in the SensorTag device list to refresh the device list when the SensorTag is connected to your network.

Wi-Fi SensorTag Connected

From the menu you can see the complete Device information, give it an alias or view the sensor data from the SensorTag.

Step 4: Sensor View

In the Sensor View you can see the SensorTag data, the default update interval for the sensor view is 1 second. After 90 seconds of inactivity the SensorTag will give a short beep and enter hibernate mode to save power. You can wake it up again with a short press on any of the buttons.

Wi-Fi SensorTag Sensor View

To view the sensor data directly in the cloud, follow the cloud URL. The SensorTag will now send data directly to the IBM quickstart cloud using MQTT. Note that these data are sent directly without any security or encryption enabled. To view the SensorTag on another PC or web browser, use the share button and share by email.

SensorTag cloud view sharing

Switching between modes

If you would like to repeat the provisioning method, you can hold the user button for 6 seconds to toggle between station mode (connected to your AP) and AP-mode (direct connection to your phone). Once in AP-mode, the provisioning process can be repeated from the end of step 2 above.


If you have problems connecting the SensorTag to your access point you can use the advanced setup, first: notice the IP address of the SensorTag.

SensorTag IP address

This address can be used to configure the Wi-Fi Setup for advanced settings through a web browser. Alternatively the Wi-Fi SensorTag can be accessed by typing in the browser. In the profile tab you can configure advanced Wi-Fi settings

Wi-Fi advanced settings

Pressing both buttons for 6 seconds will reset the SensorTag and delete all Wi-Fi settings. It can now be configured as a new device.