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CC3200 Technical Reference Manual

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The CC32xx device families provide solutions for a wide range of applications. To help the user develop these applications, this user's guide focuses on the use of the different building blocks of the devices. For detailed device descriptions, complete feature lists, and performance numbers, see the data sheet. The CC3200 system-on-chips (SoCs) are optimized for low power, while providing fast and capable MCU system to enable short processing times and high integration. The combination of an up-to 80-MHz ARM® Cortex™-M4 processing core, large on-chip memory, and a wide selection of peripherals makes the CC3200 device family ideal for single-chip implementation of lower power low cost cloud connected Wi-Fi nodes.


Date Description Link
March, 2016 CC3200 Wireless MCU Technical Reference Manual SWRU367

CC32xx ADC

Main link: CC3200 ADC App Note

The CC3200 device has an internal ADC which is rated to work at 500Ksps at 12bits resolution. The ADC has 8 analog inputs which are multiplexed and out of these 4 are available for the user on external pins while the remaining 4 are used for internal signals. If you are you using the ADC on the CC3200, and seeing un-expected results, please spend some time within this app note.