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CC3200 WLAN Scan Policies Application

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CC3200 device allows you to set scan policy and enables the scan. Using sl_WlanPolicySet API we can set scan policy to SL_POLICY_CONNECTION,SL_POLICY_SCAN or SL_POLICY_PM. Once you set the scan cycle and enables the same, we can retrieve the results of Scan using sl_WlanGetNetworkList API. It gives you information related to RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication),Security Information, BSSID and SSID information.

Application details

The example intends to demonstrate how scan policy is set in the device. The procedure includes the following steps:

- Make sure the connection policy is not set (so no scan is run in the background)
- Enable scan, set scan cycle to 10 seconds and set scan policy. This starts the scan
- Get scan results - all 20 entries in one transaction
- Get scan results - 4 transactions of 5 entries
- Disable scan

Source Files briefly explained

  • main.c - The main file that explains steps to set scan policy, enables scan and gets the scan result

Supporting Files

  • pinmux.c - Generated by the PinMUX utility
  • startup_ccs.c - CCS related functions
  • startup_ewarm.c - IAR related functions
  • gpio_if.c - GPIO Interface APIs


  1. Run the reference application .
    • Open the Project in IAR or CCS. Build and download the application to the board
  2. The application scans and gets the Network List.
    • Below screenshot shows you the number of Networks found and Network List.
    • lRetVal indicates the number of Networks found and netEntries contains the Network List.
CC32xx Scan Policy IAR expressionList 1.0.0.png
      3.  On the Board Led Orange will be on If some error occurs. On successful execution Led Green Will be on. 

Limitations/Known Issues