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CC3200 XMPP Reference Application

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This example code demonstrate how to connect and work with Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol(XMPP) server using CC32xx. This code doesn't implement a full XMPP SW stack\library. Please check the Limitation Section for more details.

Warning Warning: The service used by this example, Google Chat, has been phased out. This example no longer works as-is.

Application details

The application performs the following steps:

  • Initializes the device networking layers.
  • Connect to Access Point with SSID "cc3200demo" and Security as "Open"
  • Wait for the Connection to the AP
  • Once AP connection is done, It Configures the XMPP Server and Login Information
  • It then Connects to Configured XMPP Server ( followed by authentication using Base64 Encrypted Login Credential
  • Once Authentication is Successful, It waits for a chat message from another Client
  • Once it receives the Chat Message, It replies back with the Same message

NoteNote: Use your own email-id (CLIENT_USER_NAME) & password(CLIENT_PASSWORD) in source code (main.c) and build the project before running the application.
This example can be used either on TI-RTOS or FreeRTOS.

For the application to work with TI-RTOS, ti_rtos_config project needs to be imported into the application workspace. These projects can be found in CC3200-SDK under ti_rtos folder. Please follow this link for CC3200 TI-RTOS usage CC3200 TI-RTOS

Source Files briefly explained

  • main - Simple Application demonstrating XMPP Client Functionalities.
  • netapps\xmpp\client - libxmpp is Platform Independent Library and can be Integrated to any XMPP Client Software using below APIs
    1. sl_NetAppXmppSet - Configure XMPP Server, Login Information
    2. sl_NetAppXmppConnect- Connect to XMPP Server
    3. sl_NetAppXmppSend - Send Chat Message to another XMPP Client
    4. sl_NetAppXmppRecv - Receive Chat Message from another XMPP Client


  1. Choose an AP and Configure the SSID as "cc3200demo" and Security as Open
  2. In source code set e-mail username and password
#define CLIENT_USER_NAME    "cc32xx.apps"
#define CLIENT_PASSWORD     "xxxxxx"

NoteNote: By default, the expected message length and user ID length (Jabber ID) is set to 50, please modify the following MACRO as per your requirement

#define REMOTE_USERID_LEN   50
#define RECV_MSG_LEN        50
  1. Login into Your Gmail Account on Chat/Hangout Application and add as Contact
  2. Login into Gmail Account with and accept Invite on Chat/Hangout Application. Logout from cc3200 apps Account.
  3. Login into Your Gmail Account on Chat/Hangout Application
  4. Run the reference application (Flashing the bin/IAR/CCS)
    • Open the Project as mentioned in the 'docs\CC3200-Getting Started Guide.pdf' or flash xmpp.bin to the device.
    • XMPP Reference Application on CCS runs on TI RTOS which requires additional tools to be Installed. Refer to CC3200 TI-RTOS for more information.
    • Build and download the application to the board
  5. Run Application and Wait for it connect to XMPP Server
  6. Wait till you see "CC3200 SimpleLink" in your Chat/Hangout Application
  7. Send Chat Message to "CC3200 SimpleLink"
  8. Check the Reply
    CC3200 xmpp chat window.png

LED Status Notification

  • Red LED will glow when device is connected to AP
  • Orange LED will glow when device gets any chat message from the server.

Limitations/Known Issues

  • It only implements a limited set of functionality and has some limitations.


  1. Retreiving the full friend roster isn't supported
  2. Not checking the remote friend status (online, off line) before sending him a message