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The CC3200 host driver was designed to support embedded applications using low-cost and low-power microcontrollers with reduced board space.

The CC3200 is a programmable Wi-Fi MCU that enables true, integrated IoT development. the CC3200 device has the same Wi-Fi Network Processor(NWP) sub-system as the CC3100 device. This NWP integrates all protocols for Wi-Fi and Internet, greatly minimizing MCU software requirements. With built-in security protocols, SimpleLink Wi-Fi provides a robust and simple security experience

This wiki page introduces the NWP programmer guide, and the CC3200 MCU Programmer guide. The combination of these references will equip programmers with the knowledge required to implement their embedded Wi-Fi solution.


Date Description Link
March, 2016 CC3100\CC3200 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Network Processor Subsystem SWRU368
March, 2016 CC3200 Wireless MCU Programmer's Guide SWRU369