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CC430 Sampling Page

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Please see the CC430 General Overview for a description of the CC430 SoC.


Evaluation Hardware

The EM430F6137RF900 Evaluation Module for the CC430F6137 can be ordered at the following link: EM430F6137RF900 Tools Page.

The EM430F6137RF900 is a complete wireless development tool for the CC430 that includes all the hardware required to develop an entire wireless project. The sample kit includes two sub-1GHz wireless target boards (including antennas) featuring the highly integrated XCC430F6137IRGC RF System-on-chip.

It also includes:

  • 2 - 32-kHz crystals
  • 18 - 4 x 2 through-hole headers that can be soldered to the boards for access to the CC430 I/O's or for extending the functionality of the EM's
  • 2 - battery connectors with power cables (batteries included)
  • A getting started flier that likely pointed you to this wiki article

Programming the CC430

You will need the MSP-FET430UIF Programmer to program the CC430.

Hardware Documentation

The following hardware documentation is available on the CC430 Product Page.

  • User Guide
  • Product Preview Datasheet
  • Errata Documentation
  • Preliminary Electrical Parameters


Example Code

Example code can be found on the CC430 Product Page under "CC430F613x, CC430F513x C Examples (IAR and CCE)".


SimpliciTI is a low-power, small memory footprint, and simple wireless networking protocol. A flexible TI proprietary low-power network protocol, it supports direct device-to-device communication as well as simple star with access point for store and forward to end device. Range extenders increase the range of the network to a full 4 hops and is easy to program using the seven-command API.

The SimpliciTI installer that supports the CC430 can be found on the EM430F6137RF900 homepage under "SimpliciTI 1.1.0[CC430 BETA]".

SimpliciTI key applications include, but are not limited to:

Alarm and security
  • Occupancy sensors, light sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, glass-breakage detectors, smoke detectors
Automatic meter reading
  • Gas meters, water meters, E-meters
Active RFID applications

SmartRF Studio

SmartRF studio for the CC430 supports link tests and the ability to send and receive packets between nodes. The communication with the evaluation boards is done through USB port or the parallel port and supports up to eight USB devices on a single computer running Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

SmartRF studio includes a 'normal' view with preferred register settings as well as a register view that allows the user to read and write each individual register from the graphical interface. You can save or open configuration data and register settings to/from a file. Register settings can even be output to a C-compatible software structure (.h file).

Installation Recommendations
  • Download file to your hard drive.
  • Unzip file.
  • Run the set-up file and follow the instructions.

The SmartRF Studio installer that supports the CC430 can be found on the EM430F6137RF900 homepage under "SmartRF Studio CC430 0.9.1 Beta".

CCE & IAR Installation

The installation of support packages for experimental MSP430 derivatives can damage your current CCE or IAR installation. Therefore, we recommend creating a new installation before applying the update package. For evaluation purposes or in case only small programs will be created, free versions of the IDEs can be downloaded. CCE v3.1 Core Edition (max. 16K of code) and IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart version (max. 4K (CPU) and 8K (CPUX) of C code) are available directly from the TI website:

CCE v3.1 Core Edition

IAR Kickstart

During the installation you will be asked to specify an installation directory. Please choose a directory different from your current installation such as "C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\CC Essentials v3.1 XMS" for CCE or "C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench for XMS" for IAR. This ensures not to overwrite the current installation.

These installations have all the files necessary to evaluate the CC430 platform.

Please note that TI gives no guarantee that the IDE development tools will support all new features of new, non-released devices. In addition, no guarantee for the FLASH programming quality of new devices is given. The support packages are only intended for evaluation proposes of new derivatives, which are not yet released to market. Once such a new device was released there will be service packs available.

NOTE: that the F6127 will not be found as a target device option for the current tools patches.