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CCS 3.x Updates

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While Code Composer Studio v3 is no longer an actively supported product it is still possible to obtain previous updates that have been released at the links below.

CCSv3.3 Service Releases


Compiler Releases

Old Chip Support Packages

  • F2803x (Piccolo with Flash Plugin support)
    • 2-12-2010
    • This CSP improves support for the flashing of F2803x devices() to CCS versions that already include support for F2803x devices. It also includes some updates for the F2802x devices. This CSP could be applied to the Image Update (CCS, or CCS3.3 RTM + SR-12 (CCS + F2803x CSP.
  • DM365
    • 11-13-2010
    • Adds support for DM365. Service Release 12 or higher is required
  • C6457
    • 03-31-2009
    • Adds support for C6457.
  • Jacinto DDR
    • 03-25-2009
    • Adds support for Jacinto DDR

F2803x (Piccolo)

    • 03-20-2009
    • This CSP adds support for F2803x devices () to CCS3.3 RTM+SR-12 (CCS It is already included in the Image Update (CCS, so no need to apply it to this release.
  • Delfino
    • 02-24-2009
    • Adds support for Delfino. Service Release 12 or higher is required
  • DM357
    • 01-23-2009
    • Adds support for DM357. Service Release 11 or higher is required
  • F2833x RevA
    • 10-30-2008
    • Adds support for F2823x and F2833x Rev A silicon. This CSP was updated to resolve install problems with the F2823x CSP that was released on 4-22-2008. Service Release 8 or higher is required. F283xx users will need to download an updated C2000 compiler.
  • C6474
    • 10-02-2008
    • Adds support for C6474. Service Release 10 or higher is required.
  • TCI6484
    • 10-08-2008
    • Adds support for TCI6484. Service Release 10 or higher is required.
  • C674x
    • 10-02-2008
    • Adds support for C6747, C6745, and OMAP-L137. Service Release 10 or higher is required.
  • DM6467
    • 10-22-2007
    • Adds support for DM6467. Service Release 6 or higher is required.