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CCS UniFlash 3.2 Release Notes

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(2015/03/11) UniFlash v3.2.0.00123 - Full Release


  • Fixed issue with missing dependencies error when loading a necessary library on some machines.
  • Install Size: 52.2MB

(2015/02/03) UniFlash v3.2.0.00120 - Full Release & Update Available


  • Configuration Support in the GUI
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Install Size: 52.2MB

(2014/07/29) UniFlash v3.2.0.00065 - Full Release & Update Available


  • added command line interface (CLI) support. Please read the User Guide for more information.
  • minor bug fixes
  • Install Size: 52.9MB

(2014/06/30) UniFlash v3.2.0.00023 - Full Release


  • Added the ability to update the Service Pack on the device
  • Added the Operation top menu for executing operations (Format, Program, Service Pack Update, Get Version, Add File) from menu instead of from the main view
  • Most Recent configuration/session list, for easily loading recent configurations
  • Minor User Interface enhancements and bug fixes
  • Install Size: 52.3MB

(2014/06/11) UniFlash v3.2.0.00019 - Full Release

The initial release for supporting SimpleLink Wi-fi CC3100 and CC3200 Wireless Connectivity devices.


  • Device Support: CC3200LP, CC3100BP
  • Connectivity Support: Serial (UART)
  • Operations: Format, Program, Get Version
  • Session support - ability to save current session, and load it at a later time
  • File list management - ability to manage a list of files to program on the device, add and delete files to the list, and manage settings for each file
  • Install Size: 52.3MB

Known bugs

  • the security fields (ie; certificate and signature) is editable even if the secured flag is off. The settings will not be used during programming
  • the menu entry 'Help -> Logging' does not work for this version of UniFlash
  • the 'Recent Sessions' list in the home page does not get populated
  • the recent drop down list in 'Open Target Configuration' does not get populated

To find out more information about the tool, go to the Quick Start Guide