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CCS UniFlash Beta2 Release Notes

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CCS UniFlash Beta 2 Release Notes

Release Date: June 05, 2012
Build Version:


Universal Flash Programmer for Texas Instruments devices. Provides a single interface for programming to Flash memory and executing Flash based operations on supported targets.

The Beta build allows users to evaluate the product ahead of the official release schedule. Even though the beta build is meant to be feature complete, there might be features that might not work as expected. Please read the Known Issue(s) section for issues we are currently working on, and the Issues Reporting section for information on how to report issues you come across.

System Requirements

Disk Space - 300MB (2GB recommended)

Memory - 1GB (2GB recommended)

OS - Windows XP/7, Linux Distribution based on CCS requirements here

JRE 1.6 (or above) required

Installation Instructions

Not available anymore, download the UniFlash v1.0 GA build here or the latest build here

List of Supported Devices

C2000™ 32-bit Real-time MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
28x Fixed-point Series TMS320F280x, F281x, F2801x, F28044, F2823x TI Product Page
28x Delfino™ Floating-point Series TMS320F2833x TI Product Page
28x Piccolo™ Series TMS320F2802x, 2803x, 2806x TI Product Page
28x + ARM® Cortex™ M3 Concerto™ Series F28M35x TI Product Page

Hercules™ ARM® Safety MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Series TMS470Mx TI Product Page
TMS570LS ARM Cortex-R4F Series TMS570LS20xxx/10xxx, TMS570LS31x/21x/11x TI Product Page
RM4 ARM Cortex-R4F Series RM48x TI Product Page

List of Communication Interface (Emulator) Support

  • TI XDS100 Class Emulator
  • TI XDS560 PCI Emulator
  • Blackhawk Emulators
  • Spectrum Digitial Emulators

Issues Reporting

Please report all bugs, issues and enhancement requests in the following forum:

Where to Get Help

Read the Quick Start Guide for more information on the product: Quick Start Guide

Read the FAQ

Please post questions about the product in the following forum:

Release Roadmap

Release Version Release Date
Release Candidate (RC1)
June 15, 2012
Official Release (RTM)
June 29, 2012

Bug Fixes

  • Session support in scripting and command line now available
  • Frequency Test for C28x devices now working
  • The application can now be updated using the update feature
  • HEX file formats now works properly
  • Fixed some typos in UI

Improvements and Changes

  • "Erase All Cores" menu has been renamed to "Erase Cores..."; you can now specify the cores to be erased.
  • Unsaved "new target configuration file" can now be accessed from the welcome screen.
  • A MRU list of target configuration files are listed in the file menu for quick switching between recent sessions.
  • Additional console outputs to provide more information regarding the status of the operations performed.
  • Update mechanism has been added.
  • If unable to autosave the session settings, a dialog will popup to prompt for manual save before you close/switch the configured session.
  • Updated splash and icons.
  • Range option (previously available in nowFlash) is now available for Hercules devices

Known Issue(s)

ID Description Targeted Release
1 Command line does not show incremental progress; it only shows beginning and ending operation N/A
2 If the product is used to connect to a target that is already connected in another instance of UniFlash or CCS, the product might crash. N/A

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