CCS UniFlash v3.0 Release Candidate Release Notes

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CCS UniFlash v3.0 Release Candidate Release Notes

  • Release Date: October 25, 2013
  • Build Version:


Universal Flash Programmer for Texas Instruments devices. Provides a single interface for programming Flash memory and executing Flash based operations on supported targets.

This is the release candidate for v3.0 release of the application. UniFlash v3.0 adds support for off-chip Flash Programming for the Sitara family of devices. Please see the Improvements and Changes and Bug Fixes sections for the list of changes.

Please read the Known Issue(s) section for issues we are currently working on, and the Issues Reporting section for information on how to report issues you come across.

System Requirements

CPU - supports SSE2 instruction set (ie; Intel Pentium 4 or newer, AMD Opteron/Athlon 64 or newer)

Disk Space - 600MB (2GB recommended)

Memory - 1GB (2GB recommended)

OS - Windows XP/7, Linux Distribution based on CCS requirements here

JRE 1.6 (or above) required

Installation Instructions

Download CCS UniFlash here:

List of Supported Devices

C2000™ 32-bit Real-time Control MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
C28x Fixed-point Series






TI Product Page
C28x Delfino™ Floating-point Series TMS320F2833x TI Product Page
C28x Piccolo™ Series





TI Product Page
C28x + ARM® Cortex™ M3 Concerto™ Series



TI Product Page

Hercules™ ARM® Safety MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Series TMS470Mx TI Product Page
TMS570 ARM Cortex-R4 Series





TI Product Page
RM4 ARM Cortex-R4 Series




TI Product Page

MSP430™ Ultra-Low Power 16-bit Microcontroller

Device Series Part # Device List
All MSP430 Series MSP430 TI Product Page

Sitara™ ARM Cortex™-A8 & ARM9™ Processors

Device Series Part # Device List
AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 (or equivalent) AM335x TI Product Page

Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M Microcontrollers <Quick Start Guide >

Device Series Part # Device List
LM3S Cortex-M3 Series LM3Sx TI Product Page
LM4F Cortex-M4F Series LM4Fx TI Product Page

Tiva™ ARM® Cortex™-M Microcontrollers <Quick Start Guide >

Device Series Part # Device List
Tiva™ C Series MCUs TM4Cx TI Product Page
Tiva™ E Series MCUs TM4Ex N/A

Wireless Connectivity CCxxxx Cortex™-M Devices <Quick Start Guide >

Device Series Part # Device List
CC253x CC2538 TI Product Page

List of Communication Interface (Emulator) Support

  • TI XDS100 Class Emulator
  • TI XDS560 PCI Emulator
  • Blackhawk Emulators
  • Spectrum Digital Emulators
  • Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface (for Stellaris, Tiva-C and Tiva-E devices only)
  • USB Debug Firmware Update (DFU) Interface (for Stellaris, Tiva-C and Tiva-E devices only)
  • MSP-FET430UIF (for MSP430 devices only)
  • Serial Connection (for C2000 Concerto series of devices only)

List of Supported File Types


  • TI ELF
  • Intel Hex
  • Motorola S-Record
  • Tektronix Hex
  • TI-TXT
  • Binary


  • Binary

Issues Reporting

Please report all bugs, issues and enhancement requests in the following forum:

Where to Get Help

Read the Quick Start Guide for more information on the product: Quick Start Guide

Read the FAQ

Please post questions about the product in the following forum:

Release Roadmap (Tentative)

  • UniFlash v3.1 is currently schedule for end of year/early next year. Specific features and bug fixes will be announced at a later date.

Bug Fixes

  • SDSCM00045031 - Restoring clock settings after loading a program on Concerto devices
  • SDSCM00047258 - Support Tiva Blizzard B1 revision devices
  • SDSCM00046748 - Fixed issue with session launch sometimes gets stuck during C28x devices
  • SDSCM00046909 - Fixed issue with erasing of TMS570LS3137
  • SDSCM00048160 - Fixed Unable to program OTP on Hercules devices
  • SDSCM00048225 - Fixed issue with Stellaris Flash Programming with WDT enabled
  • SDSCM00048161 - Fixed issue with UniFlash GUI not allowing addresses in the above 0xF0000000 in the Flash Export dialog
  • SDSCM00047645 - Fixed issue with UniFlash RCP failing to start after performing an update

Improvements and Changes

  • Sitara Flash Support (Windows Only)
  • SDSCM00048295 - Stellaris Flash Connectivity: USB DFU (Windows Only)
  • SDSCM00048294 - Stellaris ICDI Firmware Update (Windows Only)
  • SDSCM00048297 - Stellaris Debug Port Unlock (via ICDI interface Only)
  • SDSCM00046342 - Support for multiple ranges for memory export to file

Known Issue(s)

ID Description Targeted Release
1 If the product is used to connect to a target that is already connected in another instance of UniFlash or CCS, the product might crash. N/A
2 Multi-load features are not supported in CCxxxx devices, and therefore, users should not try to load more than 1 program at a time on these devices N/A
3 The permissions on the ICDI USB connection is currently not set up correctly on Linux machines by default. Therefore, you might experience problems with connecting to devices using the ICDI on Linux machines N/A
4 SDSCM00047168 - DSS unable to load This will result in errors "TraceCompMgr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when using scripting and command line tool under Linux. These errors can be safely ignored. N/A
5 Using the command line tool to create configurations does not work for some connection types under linux. The workaround is to create the CCXML file using the GUI before using the command line tool. N/A

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