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CCStudio Scripting

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The Code Composer Studio (CCStudio a.k.a. CCS) Scripting Utility is an interface that provides access to CCStudio 2.x-3.x functionality from either Perl or COM-based languages. Using CCStudio Scripting, a simple user script can start CCStudio, load a file, read/write memory, set/clear breakpoints, run, and perform other basic debugging/testing functions. The CCStudio Scripting Utility is available with the default installation of CCStudio 3.3. Prior versions of CCStudio can obtain the Scripting Utility from the CCStudio Update Advisor.

In Code Composer Studio v4 and later CCStudio Scripting is replaced by Debug Server Scripting (DSS).

Application Notes

  • App Note: SPRA383A: Using the Scripting Utility in the Code Composer Studio IDE - Introduction to using the CCScripting Utility v1.12 with CCStudio v2.x
  • App Note: SPRAAB7: Automated Regression Tests and Measurements with the CCStudio Scripting Utility - Using the CCScripting Utility v1.5 with CCStudio v3.1


Useful Links

  • Microsoft Windows Script Downloads: Can download Windows Script Host (WSH) from here along with other Windows script utilities. Default installations of Windows XP comes with WSH 5.6 by default.
  • ActivePerl: Download ActivePerl from here. CCScripting 1.50+ supports ActivePerl 5.6 and 5.8. Versions 1.30 and 1.40 supports ActivePerl 5.6.