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CCSv4 Mediawiki Plug-in Download

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In some cases, users might need or want to access MediaWiki material off line. There are a number of occasions where a typical user might not have access to a consistent internet connection. A user that is traveling might not have consistent internet access, especially on a plane. And some companies restrict access to the internet in their buildings. In these cases, it is handy to have a copy of the MediaWiki that can be browsed without access to a network connection.

The Mediawiki plug-in allows you to launch the Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki from the CCSv4 Help Contents menu. This article explains how to install and use the plug-in.

Note: This plug-in is not an 'official' product, thus it is unsupported (i.e. - use at your own risk).


To install the Media-wiki plug-in:

1. Close CCS

2. If you have a previous version of the Media-wiki plug-in installed, delete it at this time.

3. Two versions are available. Download the suitable Eclipse plug-in JAR file containing the Mediawiki plug-in to your computer from these links (require registration):

  • Important! If you are using Internet Explorer browsers, when you click on the link above make sure you Save (instead of Open) and rename the file from .ZIP to .JAR
Wiki 1.JPG

3.1. If you are using Internet Explorer, Rename the file:

  • <> to <Embedded_Processors_Wiki.jar> for CCSv4
  • <> to <> for CCSv5

Wiki 3.JPG

4. Copy the JAR file:

Wiki 4.JPG

5. Paste the JAR file:

  • <Embedded_Processors_Wiki.jar> to the CCSv4 eclipse plugins directory at:<CCS_INSTALL_DIR>\ccsv4\eclipse\plugins
  • <> to the CCSv5 eclipse plugins directory at: <CCS_INSTALL_DIR>\ccsv5\eclipse\plugins

Wiki 5.JPG

6. Launch CCS.


The off-line Mediawiki is now included in the Help menu. Access the information using the following procedure:

1. Select Help --> Help Contents from the CCSv4 menu bar.

Wiki 6.JPG

2. Once the Help Menu opens, Select the Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki from the Contents Menu.

Wiki 8.JPG

3. When you do a search, the contents of the media-wiki will be indexed. Be patient, this process will take a few minutes. However, it will only be completed once.

Disk usage and Limitations

  • The size of the media-wiki plug-in is 800MB and growing.
  • On the wiki pages, the majority of the links on the left hand side (like All Categories, Random Page) and the tabs at the top (like Discussion and History) will not work in the offline wiki. The reason is that it is a feature tied to the media wiki server engine that cannot be exported offline. This is not a major issue, it's just something to be aware of.
  • The Search Box does not work for the same reasons above.
  • If you have a direct URL link then that link will obviously only work if you have online access to that link - this plugin can't magically change that.