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CCSv4 Usage for DA8xx SDK

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This page describes the very basic functions of CCSv4 which are required to build and run PA Framework. More information, documentation and tutorials on using CCSv4 are available at: Category:Code Composer Studio v4

Launch CCSv4 and Choose Workspace

  • Start CCSv4 by selecting following link: Start Menu -> Programs -> Texas Instruments -> Code Composer Studio v4 -> Code Composer Studio v4
  • CCS will ask to select a workspace.
  • Creating separate workspaces for different H/W is convenient. For example:
    • "workspace_EVM" for DA8xx EVM
    • "workspace_Cust" for Customer H/W
Ccs4 workspace.jpg 

Open Existing Project and Build

  • Select "Project -> Import Existing CCS/CCE Eclipse Project" from CCS menu
  • Browse root directory where desired “.project” file exists
Ccs4 openProject.png
  • Make sure that only the desired project is checked and then click the Finish button.
  • To build the Project, select "Project -> Build Active Project" from menu.
    • If there are multiple projects, right click on the project to build and choose “Set as Active Project”.

Target Configuration

  • Select "Target -> New Target Configuration…" from CCS menu.
  • Specify a file name or use default.
  • Select "Spectrum Digital XDS510USB Emulator" as Connection
  • Check "DA830/DA828" as Device and save. 
Ccs4 targetConfig1.jpg 

  • Open Target Configuration view in CCS by selecting "Window -> Show view -> Target Configurations" from menu.
  • Select newly created configuration, right-click on it and set it as default.

Ccs4 targetConfig2.jpg

Connect Target and Load/Run Program

  • Connecting Target
    • Select "Target -> Launch TI Debugger" from menu to start a debug session.
    • CCS will switch to Debug perspective with three devices (DSP, ARM and ETB).
    • Select device to connect and then go to "Target -> Connect Target" from menu.

Note: To connect ARM, you need to connect the DSP first (even if you do not load anything to DSP), then connect ARM (Reason: DSP’s GEL file enables ARM)

Ccs4 targetConnect.jpg
  • Loading Program
    • Choose desired device (DSP or ARM)
    • Go to "Target -> Load Program" from menu.
    • Click “Browse” to choose a prebuilt *.out or click “Browse project..” to choose *.out of the open projects.
    • Choose desired *.out and click OK.
Ccs4 loadProgram.jpg
  • Running Program
    • Go to "Target -> Run" or Press F8