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SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx Bluetooth low energy

Where to Start

Product Information & Modules

Tools and IDEs


Technical Documentation

  • See product folder on for device datasheet and documentation.

Application Notes

  • See product folder on for Application notes.

TI Designs

Design Resources


For CC2642R and CC2652R:

For CC1352R:

For CC2640R2F:

For CC26x0:

User Guides & Training

Source Code Examples

Bluetooth Qualification

  • BLE-Stack 5 1.1.x Design Listing
    • Specification: v5 Peripheral
    • Declaration ID: D041506
    • Qualified Design ID: 118740
  • BLE-Stack 5 1.1.x Design Listing
    • Specification: v5 Central + Peripheral
    • Declaration ID: D041507
    • Qualified Design ID: 118739
CC254x Bluetooth low energy


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