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For other versions of Code Composer Studio go here.


Code Composer Studio v6 is based on Eclipse 4.x, which is a major upgrade from Eclipse 3.x used in CCSv5.x. CCSv6.0.x is based on Kepler (4.3), CCSv6.1.0 to 6.1.2 is based on Luna (4.4), and CCSv6.1.3 and 6.2.0 is based on Mars (4.5). For a summary of the key changes from CCSv5, see below in the What's new in CCSv6 section.

What's new in CCSv6

Code Composer Studio v6 is a major release and thus includes many new features and enhancements. The CCSv6 Changes topic highlights many of these changes.

Getting Started

The Getting Started Guides are an excellent way for a new user to get familiar with the basics of the CCS environment. The main goal is to get a new user running on CCS as quickly as possible

  • CCSv6 Quick Start Guide: PDF copy of the CCSv6 Quick Start Guide booklet that ships with the physical CCSv6 DVD. Covers briefly, steps on installing and running CCSv6 for the first time, how to activate the product, create/build your first project and debug it.
  • CCSv6 Getting Started Guide. This guide covers all the basic startup steps, starting from downloading up to running CCS v6 for the first time.
  • CCSv6 Getting Started (Video): This video demo below goes through a basic project creation/debug example using CCSv6:


The CCSv6 Training page is the best place to look for training collateral specific to CCS.

If you are looking for more information on TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS), then the TI-RTOS Kernel workshop is appropriate. It starts with an introduction to TI-RTOS and the TI-RTOS Kernel and then shows how to use them within CCS.


Please use the following resources for support:


The CCS Download Site provides access to CCSv6 download images.


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