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Code Composer Studio is an Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE) for Texas Instruments embedded processors. CCSv7.0 is based on Neon (4.6) and CDT 9.0.

What's new in CCSv7

Code Composer Studio v7 is a major release and thus includes a number of new features and enhancements. The most significant change with v7 is with licensing. CCS is now available under a TSPA compatible license. More information on changes are listed on the CCSv7 Changes

Getting Started

Training material for Code Composer Studio v7 is now integrated into Resource Explorer inside CCS or Under the the Development Tools -> Integrated Development Environments -> Code Composer Studio section, you can explore all of the training material available for CCS including workshops, training modules and videos. Please see the CCSv7 Training page for more details.

The below url is a direct link to the Code Composer Studio documentation and training collateral on the TI Cloud based Resource Explorer:

CCSv7 Getting Started (Video): This video demo below introduces the basics of how to get started with CCSv7:


Please see the below reference for obtaining support:


Download CCS for Windows
Download CCS for Linux (64bit)
Download CCS for MacOS

Version    Linux Installation Instructions | System Hardware Requirements | Training Material

Update Status: This release will be available as an update

Internet Explorer users may need to change the extension of the Windows installer to exe after downloading.

This installation program will allow you to select the features of CCS that you want to install and then will download and install just those items. Full zip images 'are available if you have issues with the web installer.' Previous versions are also available. Please see the Linux Host Support CCSv7 page for device support information.

4K Display Note if you are using a 4K display the text will auto scale in the installer which makes it very difficult to read the text displayed within the window area and thus not possible to install CCS. It is recommended to disable text scaling or lower the resolution until an updated installer can be created that is compatible with 4K displays.

C55x Users: the C5500 compiler is not installed in CCSv7.x releases, but it is instead available at the CCS App Center. For details, check this e2e post

Free license for older versions

With the release of CCSv7 all previous v4, v5 and v6 releases are free of charge. Simply unzip and copy the License File for Older versions into <install dir>/ccs_base/DebugServer/license. Then go to Help -> Code Composer Studio Licensing information and point CCS to this license file. Restart CCS.

Deprecation notices:

  • The 32-bit version of Code Composer Studio for Linux is discontinued in favor of a 64-bit version since CCSv6.2.0.
  • Windows XP support is deprecated with the release of CCSv7.0.0.
  • Spectrum Digital XDS510USB JTAG debuggers are not supported with 64bit CCS installations. Currently this impacts Linux and MacOS.
  • Stellaris (LM3S and LM4F) devices are not supported starting with CCSv7.0.0.

Older versions of CCS are also available from the main CCS Download page


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