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Codec Engine, and related software, can be downloaded here:


Codec Engine (CE) is a framework that enables applications to easily instantiate and work with XDM codecs and algorithms using a common API. The API is the same for all of the following situations:

  • Algorithms may run locally (on the same processor as the CE app) or remotely (on a different processor than the CE app).
  • The system may be a heterogeneous multicore (e.g. OMAP3, DM644x), single core DSP (e.g. DM6437, DM648), single core GPP (e.g. DM365, x86), or homogenous multicore (e.g. C6472, C6474).

Application code (or middleware it uses) calls the Codec Engine APIs. Within the Codec Engine, the VISA APIs can be used to access the actual codecs, which may be local (run on the same processor as the application) or remote (run on a different processor from the application processor). The VISA APIs closely reflect the XDM APIs.

Internally, if the codec/algorithm is running on a remote processor, the VISA APIs use stubs and skeletons to perform a remote procedure call (RPC) to interact with the algorithm. To send information across processor boundaries, DSP/BIOS LINK can be used for inter-processor communication (IPC).

In order for an algorithm to be "executable" by the Codec Engine, it needs to implement the interfaces defined by the XDM algorithm standard, which is in turn based on the XDAIS Algorithm Standard.

This MFP presentation provides an introduction to the Multimedia Framework Products (MFP) stack.

Getting Started

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