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This category shows pages related to the ePWM and HRPWM on C28x processors.

The enhanced pulse width modulator (ePWM) peripheral controls many of the power-related systems found in both commercial and industrial equipments. The main systems include digital motor control, switch mode power supply control, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and other forms of power conversion. The PWM peripheral performs a DAC function, where the duty cycle is equivalent to a DAC analog value; it is sometimes referred to as a Power DAC.

The HRPWM module extends the time resolution capabilities of the conventionally derived digital pulse width modulator (ePWM). HRPWM is typically used when PWM resolution falls below ~ 9-10 bits.

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications can change between devices, peripheral types and device families. Always refer to the data manual and errata for a particular device for Electrical Specifications.

C2000 ePWM and HRPWM Types

The C2000 Real-Time Control Peripherals Reference Guide (SPRU566) has a detailed summary of the different "types" of ePWM and HRPWM modules found on C28x devices and lists the associated reference manual for each. In this context a type change represents a functional feature difference in a peripheral module. Within a peripheral type, there may be minor differences between devices that do not affect the basic functionality of the module. These device-specific differences, if any, are also documented in SPRU566.

By knowing the peripheral "type" (i.e. type 0, type 1...) the user can determine which devices have which feature based ePWM and HRPWM.


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