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Download Framework Components here


Framework Components is comprised of XDAIS algorithm resource managers and functional interfaces.

  • DSKT2 - used for creating and interacting with XDAIS algorithms.
  • RMAN - General purpose resource manager (Introduced in FC 2.00)
  • ECPY - DMA-based memory copy functional library (Introduced in FC 3.20)
  • DMAN3 - used for sharing QDMA channels from an EDMA3 device with XDAIS algorithms. (Deprecated as of FC 3.23)
  • ACPY3 - DMA-based memory copy functional library. (Deprecated as of FC 3.23)

The FC Reference Guide provides details on the APIs.

TI's marketing team also has a description of the Framework Components product.

The Framework Components FAQ has more details.

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