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DesignDRIVE/IDDK - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the very latest version of the DesignDRIVE IDDK FAQ document?

On the IDDK wiki page located here:

  • Where is the best place to get technical support and support in general for DesignDRIVE IDDK?

DesignDRIVE 2.2.1 with PositionManager

  • What references tags should I use when submitting questions to the support forum?

Please use ‘IDDK’ and/or ‘ DesignDRIVE Kit’ in the forum post.

  • Is the DesignDRIVE released as TIDesign?

Yes, DesignDRIVE resources are now available as TIDM-SERVODRIVE

  • Where can we find the schematics, layout details, documentation, and software examples?

Once controlSUITE is installed in the user PC, open the resource explorer and find the DesignDRIVE folder for details.

  • How will updates be made available for the DesignDRIVE IDDK?

Updates to software features will be included in future controlSUITE releases.

  • What type of motors that can be connected to the DesignDRIVE IDDK power stage?

The power stage is a standard three inverter that can connect to PMSM, BLDC, ACI, with relevant power levels.

  • Are all motor types supported in every DesignDRIVE software release?

The supported motor type will be included in the file name for the project in controlSUITE.

  • Will the DesignDRIVE IDDK support InstaSPIN?

At this time there are no plans to support either InstaSPIN-FOC or InstaSPIN-MOTION in DesignDRIVE or on the IDDK.

  • What is the preferred way to bring up the DesignDRIVE IDDK system for evaluation?

Since this is high voltage hardware, it is recommended to get familiar with the low voltage environment before powering the high voltage side.

Please follow the recommended guidelines in the User’s Guide in controlSUITE.

  • Why does the DesignDRIVE IDDK not include 15V isolated power supply for development?

Because of broad and differing local regulations on electronics power supply devices, the cost and complexity of including a localized supply has become prohibitive.

  • When will the encoder software examples released?

DesignDRIVE release 2.2.1 hardware supports the Position Manager and the collaterals can be found in the latest ControlSuite

  • What type of encoders software examples are being released?

Endat 2.2 and BiSS protcols support are now available with Delfino 28379 launch

  • Will TI be offering any real time connectivity examples for DesignDRIVE IDDK?

At this time customers can build relevant hardware for the type real time connectivity protocol/hardware (ex: EtherCAT/Profinet etc). The DesignDRIVE IDDK provides both SPI and McBSP interfaces between the Control and Connectivity processor connectors (H1/H7). Please contact your local TI representative or the C2000 E2E forum for more information on TI solutions.

  • Will TI be offering any functional safety examples for DesignDRIVE/IDDK?

Expansion slot H8 provides an opportunity for customers to add their own external hardware to perform some functional safety functions. The DesignDRIVE IDDK provides for SPI communications between the control and functional safety processor connectors (H1/H8) and access to some power stage interfacing signals. Please see the hardware guide for more details. Please contact your local TI representative or C2000 E2E forum for more information on TI solutions.

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