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This demo is an iOS application for iPhone 4S utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the CC2540 keyfob.

Note that no MFi authentication is required to communicate with iPhone 4S through a Bluetooth Low Energy Link.

CC2540 Keyfob

The keyfob should be programmed with the "KeyFob" project (\BLE-CC2540-1.1a\Projects\ble\KeyFob) that is included in the BLEv1.1 release

App Operation

  • Connects to keyfob
  • Shows live accelerometer data
  • Shows live battery level data
  • Shows live button data
  • Can sound buzzer when button is pressed

Download Source Code

Note that you would need to join the iOS Developer Program in order to build and download the App to your iPhone 4S.

Frontline BPA500 Sniffer Capture

File:Frontline capture IPhone4S keyFob release - Sniffer capture file download


IPhone4SBLEDemo Screenshot

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