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Category:MSP430 In-Applications

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The MSP430 In-Applications category is a good place to add tips, explanations of requirements, or code for the MSP430 in specific applications. Some suggestions for the types of articles that should list MSP430 In-Applications as a category:

  • End equipment discussions (e.g. - Portable medical equipment, metering, sensor networking)
  • Implementations or descriptions of industry communication protocols
  • Tricks and tips that describe application behavior of the MSP430 (e.g. - xtal oscillators & nested interrupts)

To create a new article for this category:

  • Please first search the wiki for the contents of your suggested article using the search bar on the left column of this wiki or the Google search on the Main Page.
  • If you cannot find the material for which you are searching, please first try to identify an article in which your information would make sense. The idea is to minimize the number of articles such that they result in more hits and are easier to find.
  • If your topic is extensive or specific enough that it warrants its own article, please use a category name that already exists

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