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The ChronosDrums is a wireless midi controller that allows to control a drum music software by using the Chronos watch acclerometer. By shaking your hands like a drummer you can generate the sound of a real drum set without any other equipment. Different notes are produced depending on the position of the hands and the intensity can also be controlled to provide different playing styles.



Two Chronos watches can be used, one in each hand.

Each shake corresponds to a hit on the drum, the pattern of the shaking is used to select the intensity.

Depending on the position of your hands the program simulates different drum sounds. The position is determined using the accelerometer measures and the distance between the two watches to allow two dimensional localization. The distance between the watches is measured by making a triangulation thanks to RF messages between the two watches and the access point.

The program captures the data sent by the watches and generates midi signals that can be used as an input to any music creation software. The whole system is seen as a midi peripheral.

The concept of the project could be used to create other instruments such as a xylophone or an harp.

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