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Co-Op Design Challenge

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The TI Co-Op Design challenge is a program that offers TI Summer Co-Ops a fun outlet for creativity, the opportunity to boost networking amongst the co-ops and TI’ers, and to generate some creative, new applications. Each co-op entered in the challenge gets a free Chronos watch and a chance at some great prizes like cash and iPads. Best of all, more source code is created and released for the use and benefit of all.

Participating in the Co-Op Design Challenge

If you want to participate, all you need to do is create a new design using the Chronos watch (which will be provided for FREE) and post it online by August 2, 2010. The winners will be selected by online voting by all TIers worldwide so make your design as appealing as possible. Video demos and pictures will go a long way!

There are no restrictions on the kind of design you create. Everything is a valid entry as long as you provide the source code and any design files needed. Your only limitation is your imagination. For some inspiration, check out the Projects Section of the Chronos Wiki.


  1. Participants must be an active Co-Op at TI in the US during Summer of 2010 supporting an ASP business
  2. Designs must be based on the EZ430-Chronos
  3. If external components are necessary, use TI components where possible
  4. Entries must be posted on the TI Wiki
    1. Must include all design files and source code
    2. Video preferred (not required)
    3. Use this template entry as starting point
  5. Teams of 3 or smaller
  6. Designs must be posted on the Wiki by Aug 2, 2010
  7. Judging will be TI-wide and based on 'Best Design' (similar to People's Choice)


Ipad safari.png
  • Grand Prize: A magical Apple 16GB iPad w/wifi
  • Runner Up: $100 gift card
  • All participants who submit a design will receive an eZ430-Chronos
  • Prizes will be awarded to each member of the winning team


  • Jun 7 - MSP430/Design Challenge Introduction
  • Jun 21 - Chronos Workshop
    • At this workshop, you will receive your free Chronos watch and will receive helpful hands-on instructions on how to get started hacking your Chronos watch.
    • 11:30 – 1pm, Stafford: Caudel Rm - Bldg 2, Dallas: Conference Rm 4
  • Aug 2 - Submissions due, Voting starts via InfoLink
  • Aug 5 - Demos will also be available in FL/Stafford,Voting Ends, Winners announced at Ceremony

Example Template for Project Submissions

Chronos Project Design Template Entry

If you are new to Wikis you may want to do some reading to understand what you need to do, this wiki article gives a good starting point for understanding syntax and ways of doing things. Essentially you will need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Register and log in on the TI Processors Wiki.
  2. Create a new page for your design.
  3. Copy the provided template page into your new page, this can be done easily by selecting the edit tab on the template page and copying (CTRL-C) the wiki text out of it and pasting (CTRL-V) it into your new page's edit page.
  4. Modify the template to fit your project and add your own content.
  5. Edit this page to add a link to your design to the list below. Make sure the title is interesting to get more views.

Project Submissions

Project Name Description Picture
1st Place Winner
Did you know: There have been 17 deaths this summer from children being left in hot cars?
The safe Baby Alert Broadcast Interface uses a TI C1110 wireless interface attached to a car seat to trigger an alarm on the eZ-430 Chronos watch when a baby is left in the car seat.
SafeBABI Logo.jpg
Chronos Flying Mouse
2nd Place Winner
Touch is good. Gestures are better. - Video!
The Chronos Flying Mouse is an innovative computer input device designed to allow fully functional mouse and joystick control using a Chronos watch. With snap-to-click technology and a wide variety of customization options, this application offers the abilities of several computer input devices without the position constraints of mounted hardware.
See the Chronos Flying Mouse wiki page for more details and to watch the exciting video!
Chronos flying mouse main.png
Chronos High 5 Me!
Honorable Mention

                                                        Texas Instruments joins the 'Social Network REVOLUTION. '

Learn more about our project inside!                                                                                            WATCH OUR VIDEO!  ( It's awesome!! )

Electronic Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots Watch Our Video! Exciting 2-player game using the Chronos watch to punch and move the robots on an actual Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots game board. RockEm-Thumbnail.png
Pro Swing Analyzer Watch Our Video!!! Sports application specific to swing technique, speed, and other various logistics. When the Chronos watch was first announced for the Co-Op challenge, a bunch of ideas were thrown around about using the watch to control devices like your television or stereo. Although most of these ideas are useful, none of them reached out to potential consumers wanting to buy this watch. Feeding off the idea of pleasing a consumer, I started at the origin with watches original functions. This is a typical sports watch with functions such as a heart rate monitor, altimeter, stopwatch, running speed, etc. All sports enthusiast related functions. So, the natural progression is to improve the watch for the athlete. The goal is to give the target consumer, the athlete, additional reasons to make a buying decision as opposed to “couch potato” features like a TV controller giving no added convenience that a normal controller doesn’t already contain. The Pro Swing Analyzer, the next generation of sports watches. TIsportswatch.png
Smart Office: Automatic Lighting System Watch the demonstration video - Video!

The system implemented in this project includes wireless automatic and manual blinds controlled by the Chronos EZ430 watch. The blinds are controlled in an auto mode depending on the light intensity in front or behind the blinds (read from the 2 strategically placed light dependent resistors (LDR) sensors). The user also has the option of manual blinds control and turning the lights on and off in the room with the watch.

Ultimate Workout Companion Watch Our Video! The Ultimate Workout Companion offers the ultimate in TI technology to provide its user with the best workout experience possible. It interfaces simultaneously with multiple wireless devices and internal sensors to provide an accurate heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and weight lost. It warns the user if they are overexerting themselves or overheating. It also interfaces with your multimedia PC for playing and pausing workout videos. UWC Small.JPG
RF-PID Personal Item Finder

Never lose your personal items again! The RF Item-Finder helps keep track of your daily items such as; cellphones, keys, mp3 players, or even television remotes.

Remote Disconnect and Load Management using Smart Energy Meter This application is for Smart Grid and Smart Energy (electricity) meter customers. Through this application, home owners and utility companies can remotely monitor and disconnect total or partial energy services. In addition, it serves as a tool for home and office owners with remote load management which allows them to save money on their electricity bills. Watch the video System Block Diagram.jpg
EZ-House EZ-Home uses the EZ-430 Chronos watch as a control device for the AC system and the lights of the house. It is also expandable to control the garage door, the main door of the house and any other application such as projector screens or hearths. MyimageA.PNG
The Punch Meter This is a 30 second game that requires strength and speed! An excellent stress relief for work. Enjoy. Picture: Screenshot.jpg
Location Aware Temperature Control The Location-Aware Temperature Control allows for more intelligent control of the user's home HVAC system. It wirelessly monitors the location and temperature of the room in which the user is currently located. This allows the system to dynamically control the indoor environment to maximize user comfort. It paves the way for inexpensive and eco-friendly smart homes, making this type of technology much more accessible to a large base of customers. LATC system.png
Chronos Tennis Multiplayer Tennis Game Using the Chronos Watch Chronos Watch Poster.jpg
Rubato – Tempo at the discretion of the performer Go ahead--embrace your inner hippie, rock 'n' roller, pop star, or whatever you want without losing the correct Tempo. This app adjusts your music Tempo to the rhythm of your heart. RubatoIcon.jpg


  • Please click here to vote!


  • Q: I don't want to share my iPad, does everyone on the winning team get a prize?
    • A: Yes. There's no need to share your prizes. Everyone will get the same prize.
  • Q: I didn't go to 4 years of engineering school to have to work with people. Do I have to be on a team?
    • A: No, individual entries are ok.
  • Q: I couldn't make it to the workshop session, can I still get a free Chronos watch?
    • A: Sure. Just email University Relations and ask for one.
  • Q: Where can I get a full, licensed version of CCS or IAR?
    • A: CCS will automatically unlock the full version if you're on the TI network. There's a free, code size limited version of IAR, but you'd have to pay for the full version (so use CCS).
  • Q: I'm stuck and need technical help. Where can I ask a question?
    • A: Post technical question on the E2E Forum for support.
  • Q: I don't have very much programming experience but want to participate. How can I find team members to join up with?
    • A: Show up to the first info session 6/7 and build your team or contact University Relations for suggestions on teams that may need additional members.