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The Common Platform Tracer (CPT) provides slave bus profiling, event logging and debug support for the Keystone family of devices. For details on CP Tracer capabilities and device specific information see CP Tracer Details. For instructions and downloads see the examples below.


  • CCSv5.1.x Installed
  • CP Tracers are provided with Keystone devices that include the following:
    • TMS320C667x
    • TMS320TCI6616
    • TMS320TCI6614/2
    • TMS320C6657
  • CP Tracer Data is exported via the System Trace Module (STM). STM data can be collected with:
    • On-chip ETB using any XDS to configure or cTools Libraries for embedded application support.
    • Pin export to an XDS560v2 or in the case of Keystone EVMs, the Blackhawk XDS560v2 Mezzanine Emulator.
  • For pin export the target card requires a TI 20-pin CTI or MIPI 60-pin trace header. See SPRU655 for trace header requirements.


A CPT Module can be setup and enabled through CCS or using the CTPLib from your application. The following links provide detailed CPT profiling examples:

Debugging With Common Platform Tracer provides CPT debug information.

See Common Platform Tracer Errata for known silicon and software problems.


For profiling cases CCS can be used to display CPT Data in a graphical form:

alt text

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