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Connecting to DSP on C6A8168, DM8168, DM8148

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Important Note:

The software discussed on this site is available for download but the information on this wiki may not be current. This wiki is in maintenance mode and the software is supported on DaVinci Processors E2E forum

Hardware Requirements

  • C6A8168/DM8168 or DM8148/C6A8168 board 
  • Supported Emulators
    • XDS560 V2 System Trace Emulator
    • XDS560 PCI Rev D Emulator (20 pin connector)
    • Blackhawk USB 560-M Emulator (Rev D equivalement with 20 pin connector)
    • Spectrum Digital 510 USB Emulator 
  • XDS Target Connection Guide

Software required

Connect to the DSP on C6A8168/DM8168/DM8148 using CCS

Procedure to connect to the DSP on C6A8168/DM8148/C6A8148/DM8148 is described below:

1. After starting CCSv4 or CCSv5, create new target configuration. Select XDS510USB/XDS560USB emulator and device as TI816X/TI4X based on what is applicable.


  • Select TI816X for C6A8168 and DM8168
  • Select TI814X for C6A8148 and DM8148

2. Launch debug session with this configuration. Once you see the emulator connection. You can connect to the cortex-A8.

3. Then go to menu option Tools->Gel File and right click on the gel files window and load the gel file that you can download from here


  • The GEL file for TI816x is for a DDR3 EVM and for specific revision. In order to use this on the DDR2 EVM set the DDR2 Macro at the Top of the Gel file to 1 and DDR3 Macro to 0. For revision other than the one specified please contact TI representative.
  • The GEL file for TI814x is within the Diagnostics Software package found on the Mistral web page

4. For DM8168, go to Menu options Scripts ->TI816X CPU BRINGUPS,and select c674x


5. For DM8148, go to Menu options Scripts->DM814X System Initialization, and select DM814X_System_Initialisation_GP_device(). When that finishes, go to Scripts->DM814X System Initialization, and select GEMSSClkEnable.

CCSv5 TI814X connect1.PNG

6. Once you see the cortex A8 output on console that indicates users can connect to c674x, right click on C674x in the debug window and select Connect Target to connect to the DSP.

7. Load your code on the DSP and then run.


  • For further support please post your questions on appropriate device forum on TI e2e forums

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