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This page lists other references and learning opportunities for the Control Law Accelerator.

Forum Discussion

Documentation and Webpages

Training Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Material

Section 9 of the Piccolo Multi-day workshop is dedicated to the Control Law Accelerator


The latest software for the CLA is included as part of controlSUITE ( This includes:
  • DPLib CLA release
  • Example system in the HVPFCKit.
  • The CLAmath Macro Library:
sin, cos, div, sqrt, 1/sqrt, atan, atan2
  • 2803x, 2805x, 2806x and 2837xD/S C/C++ Header Files and Peripheral Examples (device support)
ADC -> FIR example, both saram and flash based
CLA Compiler examples
Legacy Downloads
The following legacy downloads include projects ready for use on CCS V3.3