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Creating TI-RTOS 2.10 Projects for Other MSP430 Devices

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This page describes how to create TI-RTOS projects for devices other than MSP430F5529 and MSP430FR5969. As of TI-RTOS 2.0 the MSP430F5xx, MSP430F6xx, MSP430FR58xx and MSP430FR59xx families are supported. If using TI-RTOS 2.01 or earlier, refer to the following for instructions: Creating TI-RTOS Projects for Other MSP430 Devices.

For this exercise, a CCS project for a MSP430F5527 will be created. These are the steps to be performed:

  1. Build MSP430Ware driverlib and TI-RTOS driver libraries.
  2. Create an empty MSP430F5529 TI-RTOS project for CCS.
  3. Reconfigure the project's properties to use the new libraries.
  4. Port over the board files for your new MSP430 device.

Build MSP430Ware driverlib and TI-RTOS driver libraries.

  • Open windows command prompt or linux terminal console and navigate into the TI-RTOS directory.
cd c:\ti\tirtos_msp430_2_10_00_xx
  • Edit tirtos.mak and update MSP430DEVLIST to include the new MSP430 device
# To build TI-RTOS driver libraries for other MSP430 devices; simply append the 
# device names to MSP430DEVLIST (separated by whitepsaces) 
#    MSP430DEVLIST := \ 
#        MSP430F5529 \ 
#        MSP430F5527 \ 
#        MSP430F6459 \ 
#        etc... 
MSP430DEVLIST := MSP430F5529  \
                 MSP430FR5969 \
  • Build MSP430Ware driverlib and TI-RTOS driver libraries.
..\xdctools_3_30_04_52\gmake.exe -f tirtos.mak drivers

NOTE: For TI-RTOS 2.20, build the msp430 driver lib with the TI toolchain as follows:

..\xdctools_3_30_04_52\gmake.exe -f tirtos.mak build-ccs-msp430-driverlib

For the IAR toolchain:

..\xdctools_3_30_04_52\gmake.exe -f tirtos.mak build-iar-msp430-driverlib
  • (Optional) Verify that the new MSP430 driverlib library was built. In TI-RTOS' products subdirectory, you will find MSP430Ware's driverlib. In the driverlib folder you should find a new subdirectory ccs-MSP430* that matches your device. Within the subdirectory, look for a ccs-MSP430*.lib library. For this example, we'd be expecting to find .\products\MSP430Ware_1_80_##_###\driverlib\ccs-MSP430F5527\ccs-MSP430F5527.lib.
CreateDriverlib MSP430F5527.jpg

  • (Optional) Verify that the new TI-RTOS driver libraries were built. For MSP430, a TI-RTOS driver library is created per device. Again, we'll make a visual inspection to see that these libraries were created. You will find these libraries in .\packages\ti\drivers\lib\driver_MSP430*.ae430X
CreateDriversLibrary MSP430F5527.jpg

Create an empty MSP430F5529 TI-RTOS project for CCS.

Create a new MSP430 project for the MSP430F5529 based on the TI-RTOS User's Guide. select the empty example for the board which closest resembles your target board. In this case the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad is selected.

CreateNewProject MSP430F5527.jpg

Reconfigure the project's properties to use the new libraries.

  • Edit the project properties for the MSP430F5527 device. Right-click on the project and select Properties.
OpenProjectProperties MSP430F5527.png

  • Navigate to General and update the Variant field to MSP430F5527. This step will automatically add the MSP430F5527 linker file to the project.
ChangeProjectDeviceVariant MSP430F5527.jpg

  • Change the project platform for the MSP430F5527 device. Select the RTSC tab on the general page. Change the platform to: ti.platforms.msp430:MSP430F5527.
ChangePlatform MSP430F5527.jpg

  • Change default MSP430F5529 driverlib to use the driverlib for MSP430F5527. Navigate to Build->MSP430 Linker->File Search Path. Edit the driverlib in the library include pane to use the MSP430F5527 driverlib (simply exchange MSP430F5529 for MSP430F5227).
ChangeDriverlib MSP430F5527.jpg

  • Click OK to close the window.
  • Exclude the MSP_EXP430F5529.cmd linker file from the project build. The linker file for the MSP430F5527 has been added automatically in the previous steps.
ExcludePreviousLinkerFile MSP430F5527.jpg

  • Build the project to verify that you have no build errors.
  • (Optional) Since the Empty example uses the GPIO driver we can verify that the new TI-RTOS driver library is being used by looking at what we're linking into our application. The generated RTSC Debug\configPkg\linker.cmd file includes a link to drivers_MSP430F5527.ae430X
ProjectLinkedLibraries MSP430F5527.jpg

Port over the board files for your new MSP430 device.

The last step is to customize the board files (e.g. MSP_EXP430F5529LP.[ch]) to your own development board. See Migrating a TI-RTOS project to a custom development board.