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DBGJTAG Graphical User Interface

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The following tool is a Graphical User Interface for the command line DBGJTAG tool included in CCSv4 installation.

This utility is under development and therefore no support is provided. However, please feel free to make any comments or provide feeback in the Code Composer Studio e2e forum:

Installation and Requirements


  • Code Composer Studio 4.1.0 or higher must be installed
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7.
  • Java version 6 or higher
    • To download the latest version of Java click here.


  • Download the following zip file from this link.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Run the installer and follow the instruction from the install wizard.
    • NOTE: Part of the installation process is to provide the installation directory of Code Composer Studio.
  • Once the installation is complete, run Debug JTAG GUI (Start-->All Programs--> Debug JTAG GUI-->Debug JTAG GUI)
  • If you are having problem launching the application go to Troubleshooting section


Running commands

  • Verify your XDS100 emulator is properly installed. Installation procedure can be found here
  • Run the application and select an emulator from the drop down menu.
    Emulator drop down.jpg
NOTE: If you selected the custom emulator option, you need to specify the location of the Board File location.
  • Once you select your emulator you have two option, use predefined DBGJTAG commands or Custom Commands option.
    • Using predefined DBGJTAG commands:
      DBGJTAG commands.jpg
      • Select a command
      • Select if you want to reset the emulator before running the command.
      • Click Run
      • Observe the output of the test on text box on the right.
    • Using Custom Commands option:
      Custom command.jpg
      • Check the custom Command option.
      • Type your command. The complete list of commands availables can be found on the DBGJTAG User's Guide
      • Click Run
      • Observe the output of the test on text box on the right.

Saving Log File to text file

  • Go to File --> Save Log
  • Select where to save the text file and typre the name of file.


  • Problem: Debug JTAG GUI is not launching
    • Probable cause: The emulators and messages folder were renamed or are corrupted.
    • Recommend action: Go to <Debug_JTAG_GUI_installation_dir> and verify that emulators and messages folders were not renamed or are not corrupted. Emulators folder should conatin strings.xml and messages folder should contain emuConfig.xml and Board_Config folder.
  • Problem: When running a command I obtain ERROR:Can't find dbgjtag.exe utility.
    • Probable cause: Code Composer Studio was uninstalled from original directory or dbgjtag utility got corrupted or deleted.
    • Recommend action: Modify the "ccslocation" tag in the "string.xml" file in the "messages" folder to match your Code Composer Studio installation path.