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DM365 Introductory Information

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DM365 Introductory Information

What Is DM365?

  • Multi-format HD video with H.264 up to 1080p capability with:
    • Integrated Image Signal Processing (ISP)
    • Face detection, Noise filtering, Video stabilizer, Auto white balance, Auto focus, Auto exposure, Edge enhancement
    • Multi-format, multi-rate, multi-stream, multi-channel
    • Production-ready codec bundles
    • Peripheral integration
      • EMAC, USB 2.0, RTC, DDR2/mDDR, Voice Codec
    • ISP eliminates use of expensive optics

Potential DM365 Applications

  • IP security camera
    • H.264 1080p at 10fps
  • Multi-channel DVR
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p
  • Digital signage
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p
  • Personal media player
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p
    • MPEG-2, VC1
  • Video doorbell
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p
  • HD web cam
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p
  • Baby monitor
    • MPEG-4 at 1080p
    • H.264 at 720p

DM365 Performance and Features

DM365 Block Diagram
  • Performance
    • 1080p 12fps - H.264
    • 1080p 20fps - MPEG4
    • 720p 30fps (encode/universal decode)
      • H.264 HP
      • MPEG4 SP
      • MPEG2 MP@ML
      • WMV9/ VC-1 AP
    • JPEG encode/decode at 50 MPixels/second
  • Features
    • Core Processing
      • ARM926EJ-S™ core, 300 MHz
      • MPEG-4 & JPEG coprocessor (MJCP)
      • HD capable H.264 coprocessor (HDVICP)
      • Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS)
        • H3A: AE/AWB/AF 3A Statistics
        • LDC: Lens Distortion Correction Module
        • HW Face Detect Engine
        • OSD: On Screen Display
        • IPIPE: Image Pipe
          • DPC: Defect Pixel Correction
          • Noise Filter (2D)
          • Advanced Color mapping 3D-LUT
          • DC Offset before WB
          • Edge Enhancer
          • False Color Suppression
          • Resizer with 2 different output size images
          • Histogram
          • LSC: Lens Shading Correction
    • Memory
      • ARM: 16KB I-Cache; 8KB D-Cache; 16KB ROM; 32KB program/data
    • Peripheral Highlights
      • EMAC 10/100
      • USB 2.0 HS OTG device and mini-host w/ PHY
      • External Memory Interface (EMIF)
      • Mobile DDR/DDR2
      • HPI
      • Keyscan/ADC
      • Audio Voice Codec
    • Package: 13x13, 0.65mm pitch
    • Samples: NOW, Production: September 2009

DM365 Codec Software

All codecs are only configurable, not programmable, due to the accelerators used.

  • Free codecs available with the device here
    • Audio/Speech
      • AAC
      • G.711
      • MP3
      • WMA
      • AEC
    • Video/Imaging
      • H.264
      • MPEG-4
      • MPEG-2
      • JPEG
      • VC1 (decode only)

DM365 Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM)

DM365 Schedules (Subject to Change)

  • EVM available today
  • The release DVSDK can be downloaded here, the 3.10.xx.xx is the current DM365 DVSDK release.
  • Codecs - for details on the codec schedule see the DM365 Codec Availability Schedule article
    • 1080p resolution support for the H.264 and MPEG4 decode codecs available
    • Universal decode for H.264 and MPEG4 available today
    • VC1 support available

For further discussion on the DM365 please visit the TI E2E Community DM3x Forum