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The DM368 is a SoC that is widely compatible to the DM365 with the main difference of a higher processor clock and providing an enhanced video processing performance e.g. for H.264 with up to 1080@30fps. The maximum core frequency rating of this device is 432 MHz. The DDR2 speed is up to 340 MHz and the mDDR speed is 168 MHz. The device is supported by the Codec Engine. The device achieved product state in April 2010.

The related migration guide for moving existing designs from DM365 to this device is pointing out that the supply voltage, the provided power and the heat spreader should be checked to meet the updated requirements of the new SoC. (See also: Analog and Power for DM368) Other hints in that document are merely for clock speed constraints.

The DM365 Codecs FAQ says for example this on the DM368:

  • H.264 encoder can do 1080P@30fps on DM368.
  • It will be available in April 2010.

TI representative Bernie Thompson wrote this at the TI E2E community:

/.../ the existing DM365 documentation /.../ should be very similar to the DM368 in most aspects - Source: TI E2E - Where can I get the documents for DM368 (2010-01-27)

Boards and Evaluation platforms

The following products might help in evaluating this SoC:

  • Z3-DM368-MOD - a module that can be plugged into Z3 provided application backplane or into a custom design
    • Z3-DM368-PROTO (2009, nowadays probably replaced by successor) - bundle containing one Z3-DM368-MOD and one Z3-DM365-APP plus demo software
    • Z3-DM368-RPS (2010, current product) - bundle containing one Z3-DM368-MOD and one Z3-DM365-APP plus demo software
  • APPRO DM368IPNC-MT5 - all sources currently only declare an integrated DM36x SoC
  • Lionboard 368 is a SODIMM format module with DM368 SoC ready for production (2013, current product)

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