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DM816x AM389x EMAC Boot

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This document interchangeably uses DM816x or AM389x. DM816x refers to DM816x/AM389x devices unless specified otherwise.

ROM Code Requirements

ROM code needs these fields in BOOTP reply to be able to work:

  • client IP address
  • tftp server IP (called “next-server”)
  • boot file name

In addition, we need these additional optional fields if the TFTP server is in a different subnet:

  • subnet mask (option number 1)
  • router (option number 3)

The DHCP server should be configured to correctly supply these parameters to all DM816x devices.

The DHCP server could filter BOOTP requests based on either

  • MAC addresses – By listing mac addresses for each device.
  • “vendor class identifier” – this option is put by the ROM code in BOOTP request with the string value “DM816x ROM v1.0”.

This identifier uniquely identifies all DM816x devices

Boot Mode Switch settings

SW3---->BTM[4:0] 00100 or 00111

Please ensure that only one DHCP server responds to the BOOTP request from the EVM.

Setting in Tftpd32

  • Note: This is just an example. Actual settings will depend on the network configuration.

DM816x Tftp.JPG