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DSPLink known issues

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DSP Link is still available for download, but no further releases or updates are planned. Please see IPC Software Options for details and alternatives.

DSPLink known issues

This article is intended to help provide some guidance for DSPLink users to help them understand known issues in a DSPLink release.

The release notes in each release has a detailed list of known issues in that release. This lists bugs found after the GA release and workaround if any. This information has been provided to ensure customer does not spend debugging time in determining a known issue.

DSPLink known issues
Affected Release Bug found on Date Bug Headline Affected platform Affected OS Workaround if any Release with fix
1.64 Dec 2009
  • Runtime configuration of DSP clk is incorrect for the following platforms:DM6467, DM6467T and OMAP3530
  • DM6467
  • DM6467T
  • OMAP3530


Two possible workarounds (though see this forum post which implies workaround #2 is correct):

  • Workaround 1 - Update DSP application code:- Add a GBL_setFrequency(GBL_getFrequency()/1000) after the call to DSPLINK_init in main in the DSP side code in the DSP application
  • Workaround 2 - Update DSPLink code
    • DM6467/DM6467T users - Update function DM6467GEM_getDspClkRate in $DSPLINK/gpp/src/arch/DM6467GEM/shmem/Linux/dm6467gem_dspclk.c
  *cpuFreq = (clk_get_rate (clk) /1000) ;
    • OMAP3530 users - Update function OMAP3530_getDspClkRate in $DSPLINK/gpp/src/arch/OMAP3530/shmem/Linux/omap3530_dspclk.c
  *cpuFreq = (clk_get_rate (clk)/1000) ;
  • Re - Build DSPLink GPP code
  • Use updated DSPLink kernel module
  • 1.65 (Planned) Jul 2010
  • Incorrect Release Notes in Linux package dsplink_linux_1_65_00_03
  • All platforms based on Linux


Workaround: See attached release notes File:ReleaseNotes.pdf

  • 1.65 (Planned)