Debugging Cortex A15

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This page lists useful tips and tricks when debugging Cortex A15 cores.

What is the recommended procedure to reload a program on Cortex-A15 core ?

In order to cleanly reload a program, we need to make sure that the caches are clean. If the currently running program enables the cache, the cache is most likely dirty. Performing a CPU reset on the Cortex-A15 target only disables the cache and does not actually clean the cache lines. It is necessary to perform a System Reset to clean the cache.

Steps to perform a System reset and reload a new program:
Step1: Disconnect from all the A15 targets.
Step2: Click on the reset dropdown menu and select "System Reset".

CortexA GNU SYSBIOS A15 SystemReset.PNG

Step3: Re-connect to the A15 target.
Step4: Reload and run the program.