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Demonstrating CCS

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The purpose of this page is to provide some resources and helpful tips if you find that you need to give a demonstration of CCS.  For example if you are a TI partner and need to demonstrate CCS to a potential customer or if you are a CCS user yourself and want to show off some of the new features to your colleagues to convince your team to move to the new version.


This section will cover CCSv4. 


It is useful to start off a demonstration with a quick overview presentation.  This presentation gives you some background information on CCSv4 and is a good thing to start with before getting into the demonstration. Media:CCSv4UpgradePitch.pdf


The instructions provided here cover a couple of basic demonstrations.  The first one is to just get started with CCSv4 and show how to get helloworld running on a DSP simulator.  The second one goes over using the import wizard to import an existing CCSv3.3 project and also covers some of the editor features.

The intention of these instructions is that they will be thorough enough that if you need to you can just follow the instructions step by step.  They are not intended to cover all the features of CCS, that would take hours, the idea is to just show a couple of useful things so that people feel comfortable the CCSv4 environment and then refer them back to this media wiki site where they can find lots more information regarding CCS including many flash demos of the various features.

Instructions: Detailed instructions for the demo. Media:CCSv4DemoInstructions.pdf

Example project: Example code used by the second demo.