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Device:OMAP-L137:Device Evaluation

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OMAP-L137 Device Information


OMAP-L137 part of our value line family, offering low-power floating-point DSP functionality with an ARM and a programmable real-time unit.

OMAP-L137 Video Processor


You can get help from the experts at TI by posting your questions to the OMAP-L137 Forum at:

Processor and Co-Processor Benchmarks

Fractal Demo: OMAP-L138
video platform video management video solutions video player
Fractal Demo: Highlighting the Power of the C674x DSP

Peripheral Throughput and Optimizations

The following articles provide throughput analysis for some of the on-chip peripherals, as well as techniques for optimizing performance:

Power Consumption

The following page provides a power estimation spreadsheet to accurately estimate the power consumed for different configurations and use cases.

OMAP-L137 Device Evaluation

Evaluation Boards

Obtain an OMAP-L137 evaluation board use as an example hardware design and a early software development board:

Evaluation Software

Some of the popular software available