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Display DevPack User Guide

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Display DevPack Perspective.jpg

The Display(Watch) DevPack implements a 96x96 pixel display that connects to the SensorTag through the DevPack connector. It allows the SensorTag to be extended with display to be used a smart watch, weather station, fridge display, or for debugging to display data from the SensorTag.

The Display DevPack must be used with the SensorTag kit. Plug the Display DevPack into the SensorTag DevPack connector. The DevPack can be used with or without the plastic enclosure. The box also include an additional rubber sleeve to allow you to cut an opening for the display.

The display used with the Display DevPack is a Sharp LS013B4DN04,Datasheet
Please update to the latest iOS SensorTag application to do update your SensorTag with Display DevPack support.

Download the Display DevPack firmware

  1. Start the SensorTag app
  2. Press the power button on the SensorTag
  3. Choose Sensor view
  4. Choose FW Download
  5. Choose Select FW File
  6. Select the LCD DevPack FW' to download the correct firmware into the SensorTag

Note that if you have an old SensorTag firmware revision, you will first have to upgrade to the latest Factory image.

Download Display DevPack firmware

Plug the Display DevPack into the SensorTag

Display DevPack on SensorTag

After downloading the firmware the SensorTag will reset and you will have to reconnect. First pull down to clear the device and connect to the SensorTag.

Enter text into the SensorTag app to display it on the LCD screen

You will now find the Display Service in the sensor view. You can enter text to write to the LCD display. You can also enable the built in clock and invert the text on the display.

Display DevPack screenshot

Cut the rubber sleeve to fit your application

To cut the rubber sleeve to fit the display use a sharp knife and cut carefully around the edge of the display. Note that you should cut only around display itself and not the entire PCB.

Display DevPack sleeve cutting

You SensorTag Display DevPack is now ready to use

Display DevPack on arm