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Documentation Overview

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The documentation for the OMAP-L1x/AM1x/TMS320C674x Devices can seem to be rather complex for designers who are new to TI System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. This page is developed to aid those who are used to the traditional 'all emcompassing datasheets' find their way through the various SoC Reference Guides and User Manuals.

All of the below documentation can be found in the Specific OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x product folder available at

Integra Processors

Sitara Processors

C674x Single Core DSP Processors

Documentation Tree


The OMAP-L1x Device Datasheet is a high level overview of the OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x Variant as provides a brief top level summary of the different sub systems that are contained within the device. The data sheet also contains the majority of the device specific electrical / mechanical features including

  • Pin/Ball Mapping
  • Electrical Specifications for all pins
  • Recommended and Absolute Maximum operating conditions
  • Additional Peripheral Specific Electrical Information
  • Package Mechanical Information and Orderable Part Numbers

System Reference Guide

The OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x System Reference Guide Contains specific Information in regards to the various sub systems that are contained within the device. The System Reference Guide contains information on

  • C674x DSP Subsystem: (Not Applicable for AM1x Devices)

Note: Although the C674x DSP System Reference Guide contains specific information about configuring and using C674x DSP Subsystem, the C674x Megamodule and C674x CPU are far to complex to be included in this document. The C674x DSP Megamodule as well as the C674x DSP are documented within the C674x DSP Megamodule Reference Guide and the C674x DSP Instruction Set Reference Guide

  • ARM9 Subsystem (Not Applicable for C674x Single Core DSP Devices)
  • Memory Map
  • System Interconnect
  • System Memory
  • Memory Protection
  • Device Clocking
  • Power Management
  • System Level Configuration
  • ARM9 Interrupt Controller (Not Applicable for C674x Single Core DSP Devices)
  • Boot Considerations

Peripheral User Guides

The individual OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x Peripheral User Guides provide specific details about the various peripherals as well as a register offset index that is to be used in conjunction with Peripheral base address as specified in the OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x Device Memory Map

Peripheral User Guides were written in a way that generally presents a unified interface regardless of which OMAP-L1x device you are using. For specific peripheral information such as interrupt numbers or DMA event numbers associated with a particular peripheral instance, refer back to the OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x System Reference Guide.

ROM Bootloader

The OMAP-L1x/AM18x/TMS320C674x Device Bootloader Application Report provides an overview of the operation of the bootloader and how to format a absolute object file (*.out in Code Composer Studio) into a bootable image.