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EVM Overview - OMAP-L137

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Your new OMAP-L137 Starter Kit is a low-cost development platform designed to speed the development of high-precision applications based on TI's OMAP-L13x applications processors.

NOTE: The C6743, C6745, C6747 and OMAP-L137 all share the same Starter Kit which contains an OMAP-L137 processor (TI Orderable as TMDXOSKL137BET). Note that the OMAP-L137 and C6747 are the same device except the C6747 does not include the ARM9 core. C6743, C6745 and C6747 are largely similar as well with the C6743 and C6745 having a reduced peripheral set. You can find the differences for these parts on the respective product folders. If you are developing for the DSP side only (C674x) please go the the Getting_Started_Guide_for_C6747

Please also see the TMDXOSKL137BET product folder for information on the kit.

What's in this Kit?

The contents of the starter kit (SK) include:

  • OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 EVM with 4MB Serial Flash and 64MB SDRAM
  • Code Composer Studio™ IDE (limited to use on the starter kit)
  • Demo version of MontaVista Pro 5.0 tools (to be used with the subsequent releases of this kit)
  • USB cable
  • Universal power supply
  • AC power cords
  • Readme First Document

CCS and Target Content CD

This disc contains a full, working version of Code Composer Studio™ limited to use on the OMAP-L137/C6747 starter kit. This includes the IDE (SR11), Code Generation Tools v6.1.5, and DSP/BIOS v5.33.01.

In addition, this also includes the Target Content for the starter kit which consists of a GEL file, emulation drivers, and board support software. Spectrum Digital may update this software here.

What's on the Board?


The OMAP-L137 EVM is a standalone development platform that enables users to evaluate and develop applications for the OMAP-L137 processor. The following block diagram shows the major hardware components.

Diagram provided courtesy of Spectrum Digital Inc.

For more information about the EVM hardware, see the Spectrum Digital OMAP-L137 EVM website


Currently, OMAP-L137 EVMs do not come with any software installed on the board. So if you plug in an UART cable and do not get the U-BOOT prompt, don't be surprised. Burning U-Boot to the board's SPI Flash is covered in the Restoring/Flashing Bootloaders section of the Getting Started Guide page.

What's Next?

See the Hardware Setup of the Getting Started Guide.