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Eclipse Strategy

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Code Composer Studio is based on the Eclipse open source software framework.  We have chosen to base CCS on Eclipse as it offers an excellent software framework for building software development enviroments and is becoming a standard framework used by many embedded software vendors. For more information on Eclipse please visit the Eclipse Website.

We first started working with Eclipse a few years ago when working on Code Composer Essentials for MSP430.  In working with early versions of Eclipse we found that we had to make a number of changes to the standard Eclipse components to improve the usability of the products we were building on top of it and to just get debugging working at a reasonble level.  As we make more changes it becomes more difficult to incorporate newer Eclipse versions into our products.  As a result we are currently a few Eclipse releases behind the standard distribution. CCSv4 uses Eclipse 3.2.

Future Direction

The Eclipse community has made some key architectural changes recently that will help us to minimize the number of changes that we have to make to standard Eclipse.  Going forward (beyond CCSv4) we will offer two types of product distributions.

Plug-in Package

We will develop a set of plug-ins and components that can be dropped into standard Eclipse as well as other compatible Eclipse based environments.  This will enable users to pick up the latest components from open source.  It will also enable users who have pre-existing Eclipse based environments whether they be in-house developed or commercial products to add support for developing on TI platforms to these environments.

TI Eclipse Distribution

We will continue to deliver our own complete CCS product that will contain a version of Eclipse that has custom TI perspectives and settings, but no changes to Eclipse source code.  The version of Eclipse included in the CCS image will be much closer to the latest version available.