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Emulation Porting Kit

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{{{Debug Server Scripting is recommended}}}


  • TI 3rd parties provide XDS510™ and XDS560™ class emulators that support real-time JTAG scan-based emulation with product support across the complete line of TI devices. These emulators are tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio IDE™ to make all of TI's real-time emulation control and visualization capabilities available to the developer. TI 3rd parties provide logic analyzers, hardware testing equipment, and a wide array of emulators that support different host I/O interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, PCI, parallel port, PCMCIA, and ISA bus.
  • More information about Emulation Porting Kits can be found here
  • Warning Warning: Note that these products are only available to approved TI 3rd parties. They are sold as-is, with no support.
  • Warning Warning: Emulation Porting Kits are NOT supported!

Test Automation

  • For customers interested in test automation, Debug Server Scripting is recommended. This can provide access through scripts or API to enable automated testing. Examples include: repetitively loading a target with a program, running it, and retrieving memory variables that indicate test results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am an emulator company and I would like to add TI DSP support to my existing emulator so it can work with Code Composer Studio (CCS). What do I need to do?

  • A: TI sells the Emulation Porting Kit (EPK) products which include emulation drivers for all the TI processor families (such as c2000, C5000, c6000, and ARM). These drivers work with CCS. These drivers also assume that they utilize the TI emulator reference design, which is specified in the EPK. This makes supporting the TI DSP on an existing emulator complex if you wish to adapt the driver code to your hardware design. But, if you utilize the TI reference design, support can be provided quickly and easily.

Q: Do I need an EPK for XDS100?