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Enable DM355 EVM Ethernet

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The DM9000 ethernet driver, by default, is disabled. This was done to reduce the booting time required for the EVM. If you were to turn on the EVM without an ethernet connection it could hang for quite some time trying to get an IP address. Leaving the network out of the picture avoids this problem.

To turn on the driver and network connection simply make sure that the bootargs variable in the U-Boot shell includes one of the following commands “ip=dhcp” or “ip=” (hard-coded ip address will vary by setup).

For example the following statement will turn on the network drivers and boot from flash:

  setenv bootargs ‘mem=116M console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/mtdblock3 rw rootfstype=yaffs2 ip=dhcp’

More information can be found in the Getting Started Guide.