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Extending CCS

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Since CCSv4 is based on Eclipse there are thousands of plug-ins available. It is also possible to create your own plug-ins for CCSv4.  We are using Eclipse 3.2 and CDT 3.1 so using a version of a plug-in that is designed to work with those elements. We do modify both Eclipse and CDT so this will prevent some plug-ins from working correctly. For example if you installed the SlickEdit editor plug-in you would lose the ability to set breakpoints from the editor as we have to bypass the CDT breakpoint implementation as it is not capable of supporting the types of breakpoints present on TI devices.  

Obtaining plug-ins

For a number of popular plug-ins that people have used with CCSv4, separate topics have been created that describe how to install them. A list of those topics are available in the CCS Plugins page. If you know of plug-ins that work well then please by all means add a topic to it.

For additional plug-ins it is recommended that you check out the Eclipse Marketplace.  This site has links to more than 1000 different Eclipse plug-ins.  Remember to get a version of the plug-in that is compatible with Eclipse 3.2 for the greatest chance of compatibility.

Creating Plug-ins

To create your own plug-ins for CCSv4 you will need a few additional packages.  Specifically you will need:

  • Java Development Toolkit (JDT) for Eclipse 3.2
  • Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) for Eclipes 3.2

The PDE comes with some wizards to help you get started with simple plug-ins.  Note that these plug-ins will be created in JAVA.  If you are looking for assistance in writing Eclipse plug-ins there are a number of websites with additional information as well as a number of books that can be purchased.

If you need to access some of the advanced TI debug capabilities that are not exposed via the regular Eclipse and CDT APIs then you will need to additionally obtain the CCSv4 SDK.

Note: Make sure to build your plug-ins to support J2SE 1.5.  If you build them to only support 1.6 they will not load in CCS.