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FC Config Updates

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Framework component configuration updates


Using Framework Components (FC) requires configuring it to match your application's needs. Over time, old configuration options have evolved and new configuration options have been added. This page summarizes the changes to FC configuration that have occurred over the history of the Framework Components product.

Debug and Trace settings

FC version where a change was introduced Change Example configuration
1.20 Initial implementation You can configure DSKT2.debug=true or DMAN3.debug=true during development to enable obtain some tracing information and to insert debug symbols for the module of interest.
2.0 Decoupled tracing vs. debug build

The available options are:

  • DSKT2.debug=true;
  • DSKT2.trace=true;
  • DMAN3.debug=true;
  • DMAN3.trace=true;
  • RMAN.debug=true;
  • RMAN.trace=true;

By setting these in your .cfg file, you can choose whether to enable the debug build profile or to enable tracing on a per-module basis.

2.23 Addition of a global setting to control tracing and debug build profile on all modules. Also changed the syntax to enable these on a per-module basis E.g.
//Use all FC libraries with debug profile and no trace
xdc.useModule('').profile = "debug";


//Use the DSKT2 library built with debug profile and no trace
xdc.loadPackage('ti.sdo.fc.dskt2').profile = "debug";

The common options for 'profiles' are

  • "debug" : debug profile with no trace
  • "debug_trace" : debug profile with trace enabled
  • "release" : release profile with no trace
  • "trace" : release profile with trace enabled

Event Queue priorities in DMAN3

FC version where a change was introduced Change Example configuration
1.0 Initial implementation - no option available /* n/a */
2.0 Added configuration parameter queuePri
var DMAN3 = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.fc.dman3.DMAN3');
DMAN3.queuePri = [3, 7, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];

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