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Flash Programming F28x

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In Code Composer Studio v4 we have integrated on-chip flash programming directly into the debugger.  When you load a program it automatically determines which sections reside in flash and proceeds to program the flash for those sections.  From the Tools menu you can open a window to control the flash programming options as well as perform specific actions such as erasing flash.


Programming F28xxx flash This demo shows the programming of flash on an F28335 device. The programming is integrated with the program download function and happens automatically.

User Interface

When loading a program the progress dialog will show the flashing operations (erase, program) in addition to the program and symbol loading.

CCSv4 Flash Load.jpg

From the Tools menu you can click on "On-chip Flash" and this will open the Control Panel view with the options for On-Chip flash programming displayed as well as specific actions such as "Erase Flash" as shown in the capture below..

CCSv4 Flash Options.jpg


You can also program flash using Debug Server Scripting.  Debug Server Scripting is a scripting interface that allows you to automate debug related operations.  By supporting flashing from this interface it enables you to automate your testing, including flashing. DSS Example.