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GEL Launcher

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About GEL Launcher

The GEL Launcher is a CCStudio plug-in toolbar that allows you to launch custom GEL functions with the press of a button.

NOTE: This plug-in is not an 'official' product, thus it is unsupported (i.e. - use at your own risk).


For CCStudio v3.x

To install the GEL Launcher plug-in:

  • Download and execute GEL_Launcher-1.0-Setup.exe
  • Install GEL Launcher in the root CCStudio installation directory (ex. C:\CCStudio_v3.3)
  • Launch CCStudio. It will inform you that new plugins have been dectected and asks if you wish to enable them. Select 'YES'
  • The GEL Launcher plug-in is now available for use. The GEL Launcher Toolbar with 5 configurable buttons will appear in the upper left side of the CCStudio IDE:

GEL Launcher.PNG

Uninstallation: Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs->GEL Launcher

For CCStudio v4

Download the GEL Launcher Toolbar for CCStudio v4. Copy the jar file into <Install dir>\Eclipse\plugins.


To associate a button in the GEL Launcher Toolbar with a GEL action, simply define a GEL function called 'GEL_ToolbarN()' where 'N' is the button number you wish to associate with the function.


// mygelfile.gel

	 // enter GEL expressions to be performed when button 1 is pressed

	 // enter GEL expressions to be performed when button 2 is pressed


Hovering your mouse pointer over a button will bring up a tooltip that will state the name of the GEL function that button will call when pressed (The prior screenshot in the Installation section shows a tooltip for button 1 with shows that it will call GEL_Toolbar1() ).