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GSG:Managing installed features and updating CCS

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Managing installed features and updating Code Composer Studio.

Startup update notification

Sometimes when an update is available and the PC has an active connection to the Internet, a message opens when CCS starts. Click Yes to update it.

Fig. 1: Updates available

1. Select the desired updates to be applied. Click Next.

Note: if you want to verify if there are other versions of the feature listed available for download, uncheck the box Show the latest version of a feature only. The availability will depend if the provider has them stored in the update site.
Fig. 2: Selecting updates

2. If needed, a license box will be opened. It must be accepted before continuing. Click Next.

Fig. 3: License agreement

3. A summary of the choices and installation will be displayed. Click Finish.

Fig. 4: Summary

Updating CCSv4 manually

The same process above can be done manually at any time while CCSv4 is open.

1. Go to Help --> Software Updates --> Find and Install

2. The Search for updates of the currently installed features checks the pre-configured servers for updates to the components you have. Click Finish.

Fig. 5: Manual updates

3. Follow the procedure in the previous section Startup update notification to select and install the desired features.

Adding features to CCSv4

CCSv4 benefits from a huge network of Eclipse plug-ins created by developers worldwide. This section covers the steps needed to add these plug-ins.

Important! CCSv4 is based on Eclipse release 3.2. Make sure the plug-in is compatible with this release.

1. In the screen below select Search for new features to install to configure additional servers that contain plug-ins to extend CCS capabilities. Click Next.

Fig. 6: Manual updates

2. In the next screen you can select:

  • New Remote Site allows the configuration of a server that contains third-party plug-ins
  • New Local Site allows to add a directory in the PC that contains third-party features downloaded manually
  • New Archived Site allows to add a compressed file (.jar or .zip) that contains third-party features downloaded manually.
Note: The most common way to add third-party plug-ins to CCSv4 is by adding a New Remote Site

Additional Topics

Now that you have finished updating CCSv4, you can check other Advanced Topics of the CCSv4 Getting Started Guide.

CN GSG:Managing installed features and updating CCS