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Getting Started Guide for C6748

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This Getting Started Guide (GSG) walks you through setting up the C6748 Starter Kit (SK) and installing the C6748 Software Development Kit software. You should proceed through this guide in the order given for best results. By the end of this Getting Started Guide you will have the C6748 Starter Kit and your host system properly configured.

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EVM overview and Set Up

See the Logic Quick Start Guide.

Installing the SDK software

GSG C6748: Installing the SDK Software covers how to install the SDK software for the C6748.

Connecting CCStudio to the board

GSG C6748: Connecting to CCStudio explains how to use the C6748 with CCStudio on a host system.

Loading example software

GSG C6748: Using Example Software describes the example software available for use with the C6748.

Building a project

GSG C6748: Building Projects describes how to rebuild the example projects.

Additional Information

  • C674x Simulator support is added in Service Release 12 for CCS3(available via Update Advisor)
  • For DSP Library functions please see C674x DSPLIB