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Getting Started Guide for TNETV107X

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This Getting Started Guide (GSG) walks you through setting up the TNETV107X and TNETV107X EVM and installing the software. You should proceed through this guide in the order given for best results. By the end of this Getting Started Guide you will have the EVM booting to Linux and the Linux host development environment configured. You should also bookmark the TNETV107X category since new articles will continue to appear on this wiki.

EVM overview

GSG: EVM Overview - TNETV107X provides an overview of the TNETV107X EVM kits and boards.

Installing the SDK software

GSG: Installing the Software for TNETV107X covers how to install the SDK software and CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ tools for the TNETV107X processors.

  • The Windows machine is used to run boot utilities that burn the initial bootloader onto the board.
  • The Linux host is used for the following:
    • Recompiling U-Boot and the Linux kernel
    • Hosting the TFTP server required for downloading kernel and file system images from U-Boot using Ethernet
    • Hosting the NFS server to boot the EVM with NFS as root filesystem
    • Running a serial console terminal application

The Installing the Software for TNETV107X page covers how to install the MontaVista tools, SDK software, and Linux Support Pack for the TNETV107X processor.

Note: If you are migrating from the early adopter version of the SDK software you can check the differences in this document.

Setting up target file system

GSG: Setting up TNETV107X Target File System explains how to set up an NFS target file system for use on the TNETV107X EVMs.

For information on creating other types of target file systems such as SD/MMC and USB please see the Creating file systems on removable media page.

Building software components

Building PSP components provides procedures for rebuilding the platform software components used on the processors or to flash software on to the EVM.

Building the SDK

Building the TNETV107X SDK provides information on building the SDK software for TNETV107X.

Note: In general, the instructions for building the SDK for TNETV107X38 are the same as for TNETV107X. Follow the steps on this page that are specific to your device.

The SDK software provided with this EVM contains examples for communicating between the ARM and DSP processors as well as driver modules used in that communication. It also contains development packages, such as Codec Engine, which allow for easy communication between the ARM and DSP.

Running PSP Components

Running PSP Components describes the steps to boot Linux and to how to re-flash UBL and U-boot images if needed.

Additional procedures

The following pages provide additional procedures that apply to a variety of platforms, including the TNETV107X:

Additional information