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Getting Started with StellarisWare® and the ARM® Cortex™-M4F Workshop

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LM4F232 Evaluation Board
Version 1.05 June 2012


The Getting Started with StellarisWare® and the ARM® Cortex™-M4F workshop is free, on-line, in-depth introduction into LM4F basics. You can also attend the workshop live as it is presented by a TI instructor [1]

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Cortex™-M4F and Peripherals

    - Lab1: Software and Hardware Setup

  • Code Composer Studio

    - Lab2: CCS Basics

  • Introduction to StellarisWare, Initialization and GPIO

    - Lab3: Clock system and GPIO initialization to blink the LED

  • Interrupts and the Timer

    - Lab4: Using the Timer to generate interrupts

  • ADC12

    - Lab5: Using the ADC12 to measure the on-board accelerometer

  • Hibernation Module

    - Lab6: Measuring the current in low power modes

  • USB

    - Lab7: Experimenting with the USB host port and FatFs

  • PWM

    - Lab8: Programming the PWM to flash the LED

  • Graphics Library

    - Lab9: Using grLib to place images, shapes and text on the evaluation board OLED

Running the Labs 

In order to run the labs, you will need the following:

1) A 32 or 64-bit Windows XP or Windows 7 machine with 2G free hard drive space and a minimum of 1G of RAM (more is better)

2) The EK-LM4F232 evaluation kit available here [2]

3) A Digital multimeter like this one [3]

4) The required software and installation steps are here.[4] They are also covered in section one of the workbook. [5]

Workshop Materials

Version 1.10 - July 2012

  • The workbook (7.6Meg pdf file) [6]
  • The Powerpoint slides (3.4Meg zipped pptx file) [7]
  • The Doc files (39.9Meg zipped docx files) [8]

Workshop Videos

These are preliminary videos of the presentation for sections 2 through 9. They are not currently on a streaming server.

2 - CCS Intro [9]

3 - StellarisWare and Initialization [10]

4 - Interrupts and the Timer [11]

5 - ADC12 [12]

6 - Hibernation [13]

7 - USB [14]

8 - PWM [15]

9 - Graphics Library [16]